Here are 5 Simple Motivation Techniques to Help You Get Through a Tough Day

We all have our good days and bad days. Here are 5 tips that are designed to help you get through the worse ones,

Everybody has a tough day now and again. Whether you are preparing for a big project at work or packing for all of the family to go on a long holiday, these motivational tips and techniques for enhancing positivity will help you to retain your focus when the going gets tough.

1. Start the day right with a good breakfast

Stocking up on slow release energy at breakfast time is essential for getting through a difficult 24 hours. Start your day with food like oatmeal, bananas, wholemeal toast and plenty of fruit topped off with yogurt and perhaps some honey to sweeten it all. Foods like this will release energy slowly and steadily throughout your day. Avoid processed sugary foods as though they may give you a hyperactive ‘spike’ of energy at the start of the day, you will end up experiencing a slump when you lack stamina, alertness and motivation just when you may need it most.

2. Plan your time

If you have a million and one things to do in your day, it really helps to plan ahead. Then, you can just follow your schedule to help you to get through the day. Make sure to factor in time for mealtime, snacks, and a few rest times during the day as well: these are vital.

3. Reward yourself throughout the day with rests

As mentioned above, schedule in some time to relax in the middle of your day. Not taking any rests may seem like you will save time, but the reverse will probably be the case. If you try and plough through a long, particularly difficult day without a rest, you will probably find that you have burned out before you have managed to finish all of your tasks. However, a few short rests where you listen to some relaxing music and engage in optimistic self talk or have a few energising snacks will really help to boost your levels of positivity.

4. Keep your self talk positive

Reshaping the way that you talk to yourself and visualise your goals is one of the most powerful motivation techniques that you can try. Write down some motivational phrases that you can repeat to yourself throughout the day, and visualise your goals in a positive way. Rather than envisioning your tasks for the day as difficult mountains to climb, describe them to yourself in a strong and positive way, visualising them as glowing with light and enthusiastic energy. Instead of telling yourself, ‘this is hard, I can’t do it’, tell yourself: ‘I can do this, I will succeed!’ Try and enjoy the process of getting your tasks done through positive self talk.

5. Plan a big reward for the end of the day

Nothing helps your motivation like having something great to look forward to at the end of a tough day. Whether that means planning a trip to the cinema with friends or having a dinner composed of all of your favourite foods, enjoying a relaxing hot bath or just spending some time curled up with a good book, you really deserve to pamper yourself a little. Once you have got through your day, it is so crucial to have an activity that you can engage in that will enable you to wash all of those cares away. If you find your focus is wavering at some point in the day, you can boost your morale by thinking about all of the wonderful things that you can do at the end of it all.

Now you are all prepared for that tough day

You absolutely can get through that tough day ahead. You can come out of it stronger than ever before and feeling energised and flushed with success. Simply stay positive in your attitude, plan your time well and factor in lots of rests. Don’t forget to reward your own hard work and to start your day well with a balanced, delicious breakfast. All that remains is to wish you the best of luck with all of your challenges.

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