Seven steps for identifying your personal goals.

Having strong personal goals and ambitions that align with your larger goals are incredibly important to get right. Today we take a look at some of the ways you can identify personal goals to help drive you forward.

Do you know what your personal goal is? True visions are things that you want to accomplish, and when you achieve them, you feel a lot of joy and fulfillment. Discovering your goals create a life filled with joy, clarity, and meaning. However, the process of identifying your vision can be daunting especially when you don’t know your true meaning in life. As such, it is essential to note that your vision has a lot in common with the things that motivate, inspire and fulfill you. Here are steps that will help you identify your personal goals.

Make a list of what is essential to you

Start by listing the things that you hold near and dear to you. They can be principles, friends, beliefs or even clothes. Your choices will reflect the snapshot of your life as such; you don’t need to be impressive. Keep it simple without worrying how your writing sounds. It is imperative that you are completely open and honest with yourself. This will help you to discover your true motivation in life.

Question yourself

For you to find your life purpose, you need to ask yourself questions. You are required to be extremely honest when answering those questions. When evaluating your mission, it is vital to assess what you enjoy doing, what you are currently doing and what you need to change to live a more fulfilled life. Some of the questions to ask include:

• What makes you happy in life

• What motivates you in life?

• What can you change in your life?

Create a list of your interests

Take down the things that you love spending time doing. These can be associated with your personal life or work. They should be the things that bring you joy. Focus on the things that you enjoy doing even without being paid. To find your mission in life, think about what makes you feel extremely happy.

Find the people who motivate or inspire you

We all need motivation to be able to carry on with life. As such, think about the people that motivate or inspires you. These people can be historical figures, world leaders or people you relate with. Ask yourself why they are inspirational and what you would like to emulate from them. Note that you don’t have to imitate or follow every aspect of an individual.

Ask your friends about your strengths

If you are having a difficult time evaluating yourself, ask your close friends about your strengths. Friends may provide some insights that you have not noticed before. For instance, you may not know that your actions inspire your friends to want to imitate you. Also, your friends might tell you that you are good at emceeing. You may decide to link this strength with your vision.

Go out and see the world

Traveling offers you an opportunity to learn new things and meet different people. Leaving your comfort zone allows you to have a broad view of the world. Thereby, get out there and tour the world. Visit other countries if possible. Visit your friends in their place of work and see their working environment. Meet different people and learn what inspires them in life. Always ask yourself, “what inspires me the most? If you are paying full attention, you will discover something that aligns with your mission. Therefore, go out there observe, inquire and take notes.

Do research

It may seem simple, but when it comes to goal setting, it is essential to do your research. After all, you are going to spending most of your life at your work. As such, you need to be very careful when identifying your goal. Reading is the best way to tap into your vision. You can read about the people you love and learn what motivates them. You can also read a career guidance book that contains advice on how to find your path.


Each person is born with different potential path. You only need to identify your vision and work on it. Every day you need to be going forward toward your purpose. You need to be enhancing your abilities, focusing on your interest and goal setting. Remember that you will never discover your vision without putting effort. Therefore, do not sit down and pity yourself instead start evaluating yourself.

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